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Meet Dr. Marilyn A. LoPresti PhD.

Marilyn LoPresti weilding sword

Dr. Marilyn A. LoPresti Phd. is a 35 year Breast Cancer survivor, with set backs along the way, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and more.  Today she teaches Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Guided Meditation, and Low Impact Aerobics, while taking a chemotherapy drug every day. 


Dr. Marilyn A. LoPresti Phd. is a retired Assistant Superintendent of Schools, with more than 36 years experience in education.  Her career spanned all grades, from pre-school to secondary and post secondary education .  


As an educator, Dr. LoPresti was known for her programs, curriculum innovation, and professional staff development and was especially involved with Character Education in the classroom. Her experience as an administrator, provided a strong knowledge base in the area of screening, interviewing, hiring and supervising employees. In addition, Dr. LoPresti is credited with introducing computer stations in classroom, beginning at the Kindergarten level in the 1990’s, bringing local, state, national, and international recognition for innovative, best practices, in the classroom. 

On a personal level, Dr. LoPresti is a Second Degree Black Belt. She practices and teaches Tai Chi, Qigong, Shaolin Kempo, Kungfu, Qigong Meditation, and has visited and performed for the Grand Abbot, at the Shaolin Temple, China.  She and her sister were the first two women, historically, to have ever performed at the Shaolin Temple. Dr. LoPresti has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years, and continues to train and teach today.


Pulling all of her educational experience, and life challenges, together, Dr. LoPresti founded the company North Fork Bodies in Motion, LLC.  She has devoted continued study in the world of fitness, her martial arts experience, and numerous certifications, by offering scheduled live stream classes for all to enjoy in the safety and comfort of their homes.  In addition, she makes herself available for private sessions as well. Dr. LoPresti’s mission is to help others understand the importance of the integration of Mind, Body, Energy and Spirit. 


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Student Testimonials

Great instructor!  Patient and very clear with directions!


She keeps you moving with her invigorating music choices and choreography!


These Tai Chi classes have changed my life.


This instructor is incredibly good!


Marilyn is an excellent Tai Chi teacher.  A very satisfying experience


Marilyn is charismatic and makes everyone feel special


Her low impact aerobics class is a fun way to get fit. I would recommend anyone or any age and ability to give the class a try.


Because I enjoy Tai Chi so much I signed up for Marilyn’s Walk aerobics class which proves to be quite a workout, making me stronger.


Dr. LoPresti is the best aerobics, Tai Chi, and martial arts instructor !


Dr. LoPresti is an expert instructor in Tai Chi and aerobic exercise.


My aches and pains have disappeared, my balance has improved and I have an overall sense of well being.


Marilyn You are a Rock Star!!!


Dr LoPresti is a excellent Tai Chi instructor. Being an older adult (85yrs)who otherwise didn't exercise, I completely enjoy Dr LoPresti's classes. 


The Tai Chi Marilyn teaches is a discipline for a lifetime, spiritual, creative, and fun


Since taking Meditation class I sleep better, feel better overall, and feel more productive while working from home 


North Fork Bodies In Motion Classes are a great value for those looking for aerobic and Tai Chi exercise, as well as meditation. I like the in-home Zoom classes. It is convenient and saves time 


North Fork Bodies in Motion is an excellent way to maintain and improve your health Tai Chi, aerobics, and weight training. I am a senior with significant health issues. I have noticed that classes have improved my balance, coordination,and mental acuity   My doctors’ reports have shown significant improvement!


Marilyn You are a Rock Star!!!


These Tai Chi classes have changed my life.


Marilyn is an excellent instructor who believes deeply in what she teaches.


Dr Marilyn shares her love, dedication, professionalism, and care in her beautiful instruction in Meditation and Tai Chi classes.


Tai Chi has helped me with balance and memory


The Low Impact Aerobics class is for people of all ages and it’s easy to follow Marilyn along in learning the moves she demonstrates.


Tai chi classes add a meditative and spiritual dimension to the weekly fitness regimen


Classes are providing with a comprehensive workout routine.


I have never done Tai Chi and have fallen in love with it since I have been doing it on Zoom with Marilyn


There are so many more benefits to her classes than pure fun!


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