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Integration of Mind, Body, Energy, and Spirit.

Welcome to North Fork Bodies in Motion, where you can find information about our studio and livestream classes for Tai Chi, Qigong, aerobics and more!


The Joy of Fitness
with Marilyn

Picture of Marilyn LoPresti and her dog

North Fork Bodies In Motion offers adults of all fitness levels, a fully coordinated program that truly embodies the founder’s mission. 


Combining physical endurance, functional power, agility, and cardio, through Low Impact Aerobics, including muscle and skeletal development with free weight training. These classes form parts of the overall integration program which include Body and Energy. 


Tai Chi, Qigong, and Qigong Meditation, fulfill the remaining part of the whole mission, that is balance, focus training, breath and movement coordination,
self-healing, and more. These round out the integration of Mind and Spirit aspects. 


North Fork Bodies in Motion offers an authentic, fully packed, program that brings results.  Weight loss, increased strength and endurance, balance and coordination, meditation and stress reduction, self-confidence, and more, are accomplished at the individual’s own pace, age, fitness level, and abilities. 


Sign up now. Check below for contact information. 


What can I say about Dr. Marilyn  LoPresti that hasn’t been said already. She is the founder of North Fork Bodies in Motion LLC. who I have personally known for about 20 years now. Let me start off by saying she is an amazing woman. I have been a practitioner of the Martial Arts for over 40 years and it’s very hard  to find a person with the professionalism and dedication to her work as she has over the years. Her dedication to the Martial Arts, family and friends are bar none. As a cancer survivor she continues to stay healthy and show other’s the path to good health. Her heart and passion goes into everything she does. She has impeccable moral values that embodies the phrase “practice what you preach “. The students at North Fork bodies in motion are blessed to have such a wonderful woman. The patience and care she puts into her teachings really shows in her students progress. This is a woman who really cares!!! It’s not just about a business for her, but about the people and how it affects their lives through her teachings that matters. She is the most humble person I have never met. She is a highly educated Phd professional who uses her impressive educational and teaching  skills to help others. This gives those that knows her through her teachings, the ability to reach their full potential and goals. She dedicates herself to her craft and is always willing to learn from not only her teachers but from her students as well. If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to take classes from her at the North Fork Bodies in Motion studio, I promise you truly will never regret it... 

Hanchi Larry S. Boritz 7th Dan 

Owner/Operator USSD Boca Delray Karate Club

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"Taking this journey with Marilyn is one of the best gifts I could have given myself."


Low Impact Aerobics with Dr LoPresti is uplifting, energizing fun and is keeping me in good shape.


What an amazing instructor!  I love her class!


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